General Knowledge :: KHULFA E RASHIDEEN

101.  Which Surah is called Aroos-ul-Quran?
A. Yaseen B. Ikhlas
C. Fatihah D. Surah Rehman

102.  How many Surah begin with word "Inna"?
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4 (Fatha, Qadr, Nuh, Qausar)

103.  The only Surah in which Bismillah is repeated twice?
A. Al-Muminum B. Surah Naml
C. Al-Kahf D. Al-Furqan

104.  The which Surah Surah start with the initials (Mukette'at) are ______ in number.
A. 29 B. 30
C. 31 D. 32

105.  Can you name Surah in which the name of Allah is repeated in every verse?
A. Al-Hashr B. Al-Waqiah
C. Mujadala D. As-Saf

106.  Which Surah are called Muzetain?
A. l-Kafirun & Ikhlas B. Falk & Nas
C. Al-Jumah D. None of them

107.  The Surahs which starts with word "Tabara Kallazi" are?
A. Al-Baqarah B. Al-Taghaban
C. Al-Hujurat D. Mulk and Furkan

108.  Which Surah was revealed twice?
A. Al-Baqarah B. Surah Al Nisa
C. Al-e-Imran D. Surah Hamd

109.  In how many years Makki Surah were revealed?
A. 13 years B. 14 years
C. 15 years D. 16 years

110.  Madani Surah were revealed in how many years?
A. 8 years B. 9 years
C. 10 years D. 11 years

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