General Knowledge :: KHULFA E RASHIDEEN

181.  In the Holy Quran how many times our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has been addressed as YA AY-YOHUN NABIO?
A. 11 B. 12
C. 13 D. 14

182.  The men who were not Prophets of Allah but are mentioned in the Quran are?
A. Luqman B. Aziz-e-Misr
C. Zulqarnain D. All of them

183.  The first revealed Verses of the Quran are the first five verses of which Surah?
A. Al-Ghashiyah B. Al-Qadar
C. Al-Alaq D. At-Tin

184.  How many times Hazrat Musa (AS) has been mentioned in The Holy Quran?
A. 120 B. 125
C. 130 D. 135

185.  The Person who memorizes The Holy Quran is known as?
A. Hafiz B. Imam
C. Aalim D. All of them

186.  Who was the first Hafiz of The Holy Quran?
A. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) B. Hazrat Usman (RA)
C. Hazrat Zubair (RA) D. Hazrat Abu Ubaida (RA)

187.  By the time Hazrat Muhammad passed away the number of Hufaaz was?
A. 20 B. 30
C. 40 D. 50

188.  The number of times Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) has been mentioned in the Quran is?
A. 64 B. 65
C. 66 D. 63

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