General Knowledge :: KHULFA E RASHIDEEN

91.  Which Surah has the same number of verses as the number of Surah of Holy Quran?
A. Taqveer (114 verses) B. Ar-Rehman
C. Al-Anbiya D. Al-Hijr

92.  How many Surah's name is of only one letter?
A. Two B. Three (Qaf, Sad & Noon)
C. Six D. Seven

93.  How many Surah are Makki and how many are Madni?
A. Makki 84, Madni 30 B. Makki 80, Madni 34
C. Makki 86, Madni 28 D. Makki 94, Madni 20

94.  Which Surah is on the name of tribe of Holy Prophet?
A. Quraish B. Taha
C. Luqman D. Al-Fatir

95.  Which Surah is called the heart of Holy Quran?
A. Ikhlas B. Al-Fatihah
C. Al-Baqarah D. Yaseen

96.  The name of Allah is repeated five times in a Surah. Name it?
A. Surah al-Hajj B. Al-Fatir
C. An-Nur D. Ghafar

97.  Which Surah are named Azaiam?
A. Sajdah B. Fusselat
C. Najum D. Alaq
E. All of them    

98.  Which Surah is on the name of one of the Holy wars?
A. Surah Ahzaab B. Al-Waqiah
C. Al-Mulk D. Al-Buruj

99.  The Surah on the name of a metal is?
A. Al-Qamar B. Surah Hadeed
C. Al-Balad D. Ar-Rum

100.  The Surah which begins without Bismillah?
A. Yusuf B. Ibrahim
C. Surah Tauba D. Maryam

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