CSS :: Classification Of Animals

61.  Which of the following animals is called a "Ship-worm":
A. Solen B. Teredo
C. Oyster D. Pinctada

62.  Which of the following molluscs produces pearl:
A. Lamellidens B. Solen
C. Pinctada D. None of these

63.  In our neighbouring country India the lions are now found in:
A. Jungles of Madhya Pradesh B. Forests of Western Ghats
C. Gir forests of Gujrat and Kathiawar D. Kaziranga forests

64.  In which of the following places the egg-laying mammals are confined:
A. America B. Australia
C. Africa D. India

65.  Dorsal tubular nerve cord is characteristics of:
A. Some chordates B. Some non-chordates
C. All non-chordates D. All chordates

66.  Which of the following groups of characteristics of sponges could justify their animals nature by Ellis:
A. Branched, colonial and sessile life B. Presence of skeleton in the body
C. Constant water current through their body D. None of these

67.  Which of the following groups of characters are confined exclusively to Chordates:
A. Notochord, ventral nerve cord, dorsal heart B. Notochord, dorsal tutular nerve cord, pharyngeal slits
C. Notochord, dorsal tubular nerve cord open circulatory system D. Notochord, double solid ventral nerve cord, red blood cells

68.  Which of the following systems is found in the chordates:
A. Renal-portal system B. Hepatic-portal system
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

69.  External ears are characteristic of:
A. Fishes B. Amphibians
C. Reptiles D. Mammals

70.  Which group of character of a whale justifies its inclusion in the class mammalia:
A. Lungs, 4 chambered heart, kidneys B. Lungs, 4 chambered heart vertebral column
C. Hairs, mammary glands, viviparity D. Gills, fins, viviparity

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