CSS :: Classification Of Animals

41.  Nervous system in form of nerve net was first studied in:
A. Sponges B. Coelentrates
C. Annelids D. Molluscs

42.  Archaeocyte cells are characteristically found in:
A. Protozoans B. Sponges
C. Coelentrates D. Helminthes

43.  Gizzard is found in the alimentary canal of:
A. Frog B. Earthworm
C. Tape-worm D. Round-worm

44.  Earth worms and tape-worms differ in one of the following respects:
A. Tape-worms have segmented body but earthworms have strobilation B. Earthworms have segmentation but tape-worms are not longer than the tape-worms
C. Earthworms are not longer than the tape-worms D. Earthworms are coelomates and tape worms are pseudocoelomates

45.  Which of the following animals uses setal for locomotion:
A. Cockroach B. Earthworm
C. Starfish D. Jellyfish

46.  In which of the following animals eggs develop inside cocoons:
A. Earthworm B. Leech
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

47.  Which of the following feature is characteristic mark for identification of an arthropod:
A. Hairs, external segmentation and 3 pairs of legs B. Scales, antennae and segmented body
C. Chitinous exoskeleton, external segmentation and paired as well as jointed appendages D. External segmentation, pair of chelicerae and a pair of pedipalpi

48.  Which of the following arthropods are totally equatic:
A. Crustaceans B. Insects
C. Millipedes D. Centipedes

49.  Which of the following annelids is aquatic animal:
A. Neanthes B. Pheretima
C. Eutypheous D. Lumbricus

50.  Which of the following animals is terrestrial animal:
A. Arenicola B. Neanthes
C. Lumbricus D. None of these

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