CSS :: Classification Of Animals

11.  Which of the following is not a non-chordate:
A. Silver-fish B. Cuttle-fish
C. Cray-fish D. Hag-fish

12.  Spider makes its web from the fluid that comes out of its:
A. Mouth B. Legs
C. Salivary glands D. Posterior part of abdomen

13.  In binomial nomenclature, name of animals is written in two words which designate:
A. Order and family B. Family and genus
C. Species and variety D. Genus and family

14.  Which of the following group of animals has porous body:
A. Protozoa B. Cnidaria
C. Echinodermata D. Porifera

15.  Which of the following characters established the living nature of sponges:
A. Skeleton B. Diploblastic body
C. Water current through the body D. None of these

16.  Which of the following is acoelomate phylum:
A. Platyhelminthes B. Nematoda
C. Arthropoda D. Echinodermata

17.  Which of the following is a group of pseudocoelomates:
A. Annelida B. Arthropoda
C. Mollusca D. Nematoda

18.  Most important character of group Arthropoda is that they have:
A. 3 parts of legs B. Jointed legs
C. Shell over the body D. None of these

19.  Binomial system of nomenclautre was introduced by:
A. Cuvier B. Lamarck
C. Aristotle D. Linnaeus

20.  Which of the following is a true fish:
A. Cuttle-fish B. Silver-fish
C. Jelly-fish D. Seahorse

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