CSS :: Classification Of Animals

51.  Scientist making significant contribution in the field of animal taxonomy by introducing the system of binomial nomenclature was:
A. Carolus Linnaeus B. Victor Hugo Devries
C. Charles Darwin D. George Curier

52.  Which is true among following statements:
A. All insects have powerful wings of fly B. All insects have 3 pairs of legs
C. All insects carry diseases to man D. All insects have cephalothorax and two pairs of antennae

53.  Which of the following parasitic animals has two hosts in life cycle:
A. Ascaris B. Taenia
C. Entamoeba histolytica D. None of these

54.  Plasmodium vivax is parasite in the:
A. Blood of man and blood of Anopheles B. Blood of man and gut of Anopheles
C. Gut of man and blood of Anopheles D. Gut of man and gut of Anopheles

55.  Integument of arthropods is covered with:
A. Cuticle B. Chitinous cuticle
C. Epicuticle D. None of these

56.  Millipedes and centipedes differ in:
A. Having two pairs and one pair of legs per segment respectively B. Having 2 pairs of eyes and one pair of eyes respectively
C. Having small and large size respectively D. None of these features

57.  Which of the following molluscs has shell made up of 8 calcareous plates:
A. Chiton B. Pila
C. Lamellidens D. Octopus

58.  Double ventral nerve cord is found in:
A. Earthworm B. Cockroach
C. Prawn D. All of these

59.  Which of the following gastropod molluscs has religious importance:
A. Pila B. Turbinella
C. Limax D. Patella

60.  Rudula is found in the buccal cavity of:
A. Pila B. Lamellidens
C. Chiton D. Octopus

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