CSS :: Classification Of Animals

1.  Which of the following groups of animals has a cellular or unicellular body:
A. Porifera B. Protozoa
C. Eumetazoa D. Cnidaria

2.  Which of the following phyla of animals is exclusively marine:
A. Protozoa B. Porifera
C. Echinodermata D. Mollusca

3.  Which of the following groups of animals has no parasites:
A. Protozoa B. Nematoda
C. Platyhelminthes D. Echinodermata

4.  Which of the following is unmatching group:
A. Fosciola, Taenia, Echinococcus, Hymenolepis B. Ascaris, Wuchereria, Trichinella, Enterobius
C. Pila, Hermania, Scoliodon, Bufo D. Pongo, Pan, Hyalobates, Homo

5.  Which of the following sets is matching one from taxonomic point of view:
A. Jelly-fish, cuttle-fish, silver-fish B. Crab, lobster, oyster
C. Frog, toad, salamander D. Bat, pigeon, crow

6.  Point out taxonomicaly unmatching set from following:
A. Entamoeba, Trypanosoma, Plasmodium B. Hydra, Aurelia, Obelia
C. Oyster, Octops, Otter D. Pan, Pango, Hyalobates

7.  Which is odd among following statements:
A. All protozoans have acellular body B. All snakes are poisonous
C. Allmammals are viviparous D. All echinoderms are strictly marine animals

8.  Which is not correct statement among following ones:
A. Malaria is a protozoan disease B. Filaria is a nematode disease
C. Plague is arthropod disease D. Leeches are ectoparasites of man and animals

9.  Insects are characterized by:
A. 3 pairs of legs B. 2 pairs of antennae
C. Wings on body D. Large sized eyes

10.  Which of the following is odd one:
A. Cockroach, spider, silver-fish B. Whale, bat, lizard
C. Star-fish, sea-cucumber, sea-urchin D. Cray-fish, cuttle-fish hag-fish

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