CSS :: Classification Of Animals

21.  Choanocytes are characteristic cells of:
A. Helminthes B. Molluscs
C. Sponges D. Insects

22.  Viviparous animals are those which:
A. Lay lage sized eggs B. Lay shall sized eggs in water
C. Give birth to young ones D. Deliver premature ones and then develop them in their body

23.  Linnaeus is known for:
A. Concept of inheritance of acquired characters B. Concept of struggle for existence
C. Binomial system of nomenclature D. Law of biogenesis

24.  Body is metamerically segmented in:
A. Porifera B. Annelida
C. Coelentrata D. None of these

25.  Which of the following is not a fish:
A. Dogfish B. Electric-fish
C. Hagfish D. Flying fish

26.  Both crocodiles and alligators have respiratory organs to breath in:
A. Water only B. Air only
C. Water and accessory breathing D. Air and accessory water breathing

27.  Animals giving birth to young ones are called:
A. Oviparous B. Beoterde
C. Viviparous D. None of these

28.  Which one of the following is not a true statement:
A. Fishes are mostly oviparous animals B. Nematocysts are found only in coelentrates
C. All mammals have hairs and mammary glands D. All insects have six pairs of legs

29.  A true gut cavity is found in:
A. Porifera B. Coelentrata
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

30.  Syncitial hypodermis and muscle layers in:
A. Annelids B. Molluscs
C. Nematodes D. None of these

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