CSS :: Classification Of Animals

91.  Peculiarity of fish heart is that it has:
A. Only venous blood B. Only arterial blood
C. Partly arterial and partly venous blood D. No blood at all

92.  Spiny ant-eater is a:
A. Mammal and native of Australia B. Mammal and native of America
C. Reptile and native of Australia D. Bird native of India

93.  Amphibians are:
A. Homeothermal B. Heterothermal
C. Poikilothermal D. None of these

94.  Under mentioned animals are mammals except:
A. Echidna B. Dolphin
C. Ostrich D. Ant eater

95.  Viviparous animals are:
A. Turtles, snakes, lizards B. Fishes, frogs, birds
C. Whales, rabbits, scorpions D. Running birds, prawns silver-fish

96.  Tetrapoda group includes:
A. Amphibians B. Reptiles
C. Birds D. All of these

97.  Anaminota group includes:
A. Fishes B. Amphibians
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

98.  Amniota group includes:
A. Fishes B. Amphibians
C. Reptiles, birds and mammals D. None of these

99.  Cephalopoda, is a group of animals in which:
A. Notochord extends upto head region of the body B. Head is located on the foot of the animal
C. Foot is located on the head of the animal D. Head is fused with thorax

100.  Monotremata is a group of animals which includes:
A. Fishes with a single gill aperture B. Mammals with cloacal opening
C. Protozoans with single flagellum D. None of these animals

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