CSS :: Phylum Arthropoda

81.  Common features of tracheae of cockroach and rabbit is that both:
A. Have crtilagenous rings B. Have no-collagsible walls
C. Are paired and branched D. Are endodermal in origin

82.  Haemoglobin containing red blood is absent in:
A. Rat B. Mosquito and house-fly
C. Earthworm D. Bird

83.  Reduced wings are present in:
A. Periplanata B. Blatta
C. Mosquito D. House-fly

84.  Number of postgenital segments in cockroach is:
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Four

85.  Anal cerci in cockroach are present in between:
A. Epiproct and paraproct B. Two paraprocts
C. Tergum and epiproct D. Tergum and sternum

86.  Space enclosed by mouth-parts in cockroach is called:
A. Oral cavity B. Pre-oral cavity
C. Buccal cavity D. None of these

87.  Food chamber in the cockroach is called:
A. Salivarium B. Cibarium
C. Food meatus D. Oral cavity

88.  Which of these is not the part of stomodaeum in cockroach:
A. Proventriculus B. Ventriculus
C. Crop D. Oesophagus

89.  Crushing membrane is found in:
A. Crop B. Proventriculus
C. Ventriculus D. None of these

90.  Innermost lining of corp is:
A. Cuticular intima B. Basement membrane
C. Epithelium D. Muscles

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