CSS :: Phylum Arthropoda

61.  A distinct thorax does not occur in:
A. Cockroach B. House-fly
C. Myriapods D. Mosquito

62.  Oxygen carrying pigment in cockroach and other insects is:
A. Haemoglobin B. Haemozoin
C. Heamozoin D. None of these

63.  Tentorium in cockroach is:
A. Exoskeleton B. Endoskeleton
C. Mouth-part D. None of these

64.  A thoracic segment has:
A. Two sclerites B. Three sclerites
C. Four sclerites D. None of these

65.  The sclerites of a thoracic segment in cockroach are:
A. Notum B. Notum and sternum
C. Notum, sternum and pleura D. None of these

66.  In which of these, the sexual dimorphism is more clearly distinct:
A. Cockroach B. Paramecium
C. Amoeba D. Earthworm

67.  Reproductive organs are fixed in number in which of these:
A. Cockroach B. Taenia
C. Hydra D. Sponge

68.  In which of these are found the anal styles:
A. Male cockroach B. Female cockroach
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

69.  Two pairs of thoracic spiracles in cockroach are found on:
A. Pro- and mesothorax B. Meso- and methathorax
C. Only on mesothorax D. Pro- and metathorax

70.  Terminal part in leg of cockroach is called:
A. Tarsus B. Pretarsus
C. Trochanter D. Coxa

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