CSS :: Phylum Arthropoda

41.  Anal cerci are found in:
A. Male cockroach only B. Female cockroach only
C. Both male and female cockroaches D. None of these

42.  Aus of cockroach is surrounded by:
A. Two plates B. Three plates
C. Four plates D. None of these

43.  Three plates surrounding anus in cockroach are:
A. A dorsal epiproct and two ventrolateral paraprocts B. Two epiprocts and one dorsal paraproct
C. Two styles and one paraproct D. None of these

44.  In cockroach, the legs are found in:
A. Thorax only B. Both head and thorax
C. Thorax and abdomen only D. Abdomen only

45.  Exoskeleton in cockroach is made up of:
A. Calcified cartilage B. Chtin
C. Pseudochtin D. CaCO4

46.  Arthrodial membranes are made of:
A. Only chitin B. Body wall and chitin
C. Only epiderms D. None of these

47.  Excretory organs of codkroach and other insects are:
A. Malpghian tubules and fat body B. Malpighian corpuscles
C. Melanocytes D. None of these

48.  Which of these is not the mouth part of cockroach:
A. Mandible B. Libium
C. Antenna D. Maxilla

49.  Biting and chewing types of mouthparts are found to:
A. Cockroach B. Mosquito
C. House-fly D. Butter-fly

50.  Occipetal foramen is present in:
A. Thorax B. Neck
C. Head D. Abdonen

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