CSS :: Phylum Arthropoda

1.  Jointed appendages are found in:
A. Annelida B. Mollusca
C. Arthropods D. None of these

2.  To which of these phyla the periplanata belongs:
A. Arthropods B. Annelida
C. Mollusca D. Echinodermata

3.  Hard chitinous exoskeleton is found in the animals of the phylum:
A. Annelida B. Arthropoda
C. Mollusca D. Cnidaria

4.  Centipedes belong to phylum:
A. Annlida B. Mollusca
C. Arthropoda D. None of these

5.  Arthrodial membranes are found in:
A. Cockroach and house-fly B. Earthworm
C. Hydra D. Sponge

6.  Mouth-parts are used for feeding in:
A. Cockroach B. House-fly
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

7.  Mouth-parts for feeding are found in the members of the phylum:
A. Arthropoda B. Annelida
C. Cnidaria D. Mollusca

8.  Open circulatory system is present in:
A. Cnidarians B. Helminthes
C. Arthropods D. None of these

9.  Eyes in arthropods are:
A. Present B. Present and well developed
C. Present, well developed and compound D. None of these

10.  Compound eyes are present in:
A. Arthropods B. Annelids
C. Molluscs D. None of these

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