CSS :: Phylum Arthropoda

91.  Stomodaeal valve of cockroach controls:
A. Proventriculus and ventriculus B. Oesophagus and crop
C. Oesophagus and proventriculus D. Buccal cavity and oesophagus

92.  Excretory tubules of cockroach ae termed:
A. Malpighhian tubules B. Caeca
C. Nephridia D. Flame cells

93.  Gastric caeca of cockroach secrete:
A. Urea B. Digestive juices
C. Hormones D. Juvenile hormones

94.  Function of peritrophic membrane of cockroach is:
A. Digestion of food B. Absorption of food
C. Retention of ventricular epithelium D. Excretion

95.  Perotrophic membrane is found in:
A. Proventriculus B. Ventriculus
C. Crop D. Digestive caeca

96.  Cellulase enzyme in cockroach is secreted by:
A. Ventriculus epithelium B. Gastric caeca
C. Salivary glands D. Reservoir wall

97.  Ileum in cockroach is the art of:
A. Stomodaeum B. Mesenteron
C. Proctodaeum D. None of these

98.  Rectal glands of cockroach carry out the function of:
A. Excretion B. Hormone secretion
C. Water absorption D. None of these

99.  Structures helping in differentiating male and female cockroaches are:
A. Anal cerci B. Anal stylets
C. Longer antennae D. Shorter wings

100.  Salivary glands in cockroach open into:
A. Cibarium B. Salivavarium
C. Buccal cavity D. Oesophagus

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