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41.  Hybridization in pre-mendelian era:
A. Did not take place B. Was unsuccessful when attempted by workers
C. Did not result any effective change in nature D. Occurred in nature but the phenomenon was not known

42.  In which of the respect Mendel was lucky in selecting pea plants for his experiments in explaining laws of inheritance:
A. Pea plants belong to family leguminosae B. Pea plants show red coloured flowers
C. Pea plants have large number of seeds D. All the seven characters he selected were located upon different pairs of chromosomes

43.  If F1 generation of a cross between tall and dwarf plants is of tall plants, it indicates the character to be:
A. Dominant B. Recessive
C. Mutant D. Sex linked

44.  The fact that F1 plants when backcrossed with double recessive parent gave four types of plants in equal proportions proves that the F1 plants produced:
A. Four type of gametes in equal number B. Four types of gametes in ratio of 9:3:3:1
C. Two types of gametes in 3:1 ratio D. Three types of gametes in 3:1:1 ratio

45.  Mule is hybrid offspring of:
A. Male and female donkey B. Female horse and male donkey
C. Male and female horse D. None of these

46.  Mule is an example of:
A. Heterosis B. Hybrid vigour
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

47.  The ratio of progeny of dwarf plants in a cross between heterozygous tall plant with homozygous dwarf plant will be:
A. 35% B. 50%
C. 75% D. 100%

48.  Genetic complement is called:
A. Genotype B. Phenotype
C. Alleles D. None of these

49.  Who gave laws of segregation and dominance?
A. Mendel B. Morgan
C. Malpighi D. Muller

50.  Law of dominance states that:
A. Out of the two unit factors of contrasting expression of a trait present in an individual only one is expressed B. Characters of parents are assorted independently during the gamete formation
C. Contrasting characters of parents are segregated at the time of gametogenesis D. None of these things

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