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11.  Law of dominance was given by:
A. Mendel B. Weismann
C. de Vries D. Darwin

12.  Who observed sperms for the first time?
A. Graff B. Leeuwenhock
C. Swammerdon D. None of these

13.  Who discovered the ova for the first time:
A. Graff B. Malpighi
C. Swammerdon D. All of these

14.  The worker who studied experimentally and proposed the laws of heredity was:
A. Muller B. Morgan
C. Maipighi D. Mendel

15.  Unit factor term for controlling characters of individuals was given by:
A. Mendel B. Morgan
C. Malpighi D. None of these

16.  Mendel selected which of the following traits for his studies:
A. Stem length (tall or dwarf), flower position (apical or axial) B. Flower colour (purple or white), seed shape (round or wrinkled)
C. Colour of pod (green or yellow), cotyledon colour (yellow or green) D. All of these

17.  Which of these characters is dominant:
A. Axial position of flowers B. Apical position of flowers
C. Green colour of cotyledons D. Wrinkled shape of seeds

18.  If a tall plant is crossed with a dwarf plant the cross is called:
A. Test cross B. Backcross
C. Green colour of cotyledons D. Wrinkled shape of seeds

19.  If a genotype is not known it is crossed with recessive parent to reveal what is hidden then the cross is known as:
A. Backcross B. Monohydrid cross
C. Test cross D. Dihybrid cross

20.  Who formulated chromosomal theory of inheritance:
A. Sutton B. Morgan
C. Bateson D. Johannsen

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