CSS :: Basic Genetics

1.  Term genetics was first used by:
A. Bateson B. Sutton
C. Mendel D. Morgan

2.  Genetics is a branch of biology, which deals with:
A. Laws of heredity and variations B. Process of cell division at gametogenesis
C. Formation of new species through natural selection D. None of these

3.  Vapour theory of inheritance was put forward by:
A. Pythgorus B. Aristotle
C. Graaf D. None of these

4.  Who claimed to observe a mini form of man inside the sperm?
A. Hertsoeker B. Bateson
C. Weismann D. Pythagorus

5.  Who is considered father of genetics:
A. Mendel B. Weismann
C. Bateson D. Morgan

6.  Gregor John Mendel is famous for:
A. Mutation teory B. Laws of heredity
C. Discovery of genes D. Inheritance of acquired characters

7.  Unit of inheritance is called :
A. Genotype B. Phenotype
C. Gene D. Chromosome

8.  The term gene was first used by:
A. Johannsen B. Mendel
C. Morgan D. None of these

9.  Branch of biology, which deals with the laws of heredity or similarities and dissimilarities between individuals related by descent, is called:
A. Genetics B. Eugenics
C. Evolution D. None of these

10.  Theory of continuity of germplasm suggests that:
A. Germinal material of body passes through gametes from one generation to another B. Sex cells are provided with mankins of adult bodies
C. Embryo develops from a simple fertilized cell and becomes a baby during later stages of pregnancy D. There is nothing like that

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