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31.  Genotype of an organism is its:
A. Physical expression B. Genetic consititution
C. Homozygous nature D. Heterrozygous nature

32.  In monohybrid cross between tall (TT) and dwarf (tt) parents F2 plants produced in the ration of 3 tall : 1 dwarf are:
A. Only in phenotype B. Only in genotype
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

33.  Two homologous genes are exactly similar in a genotype, which is:
A. Homozygous B. Heterozygous
C. Hemizygous D. None of these

34.  Which of these is a heterozygous condition:
A. RR B. Rr
C. rr D. RRrr

35.  A true breeding tall pea plant when crossed with a true breeding dwarf plant yielded tall plants in F1 generation which on selfing gives rise to 787 tall and 277 dwarf plant in F2 generation. The plants of F1 generation are:
A. Homozygous B. Heterozygous
C. Hemizygous D. None of these

36.  In a dihybrid cross between round yellow and wrinkled green plants the F2 generation will have 16 individuals in the ration of:
A. 9:3:3:1 B. 9:03:04
C. 9:3:1:3 D. 9:07

37.  In a cross between blue and white Andalusian fowls the results due to incomplete dominance will be:
A. 50% blue and 50% white fowls B. 50% blue and 50% black fowls
C. 25% blue and 75% white fowls D. 25% black and 75% white fowls

38.  Microbial genetics is:
A. Genetics of plants B. Genetics of animals
C. Genetics of man D. Genetics of bacteria and viruses

39.  A complete set of chromosomes, which is inherited as a unit from one parent is called:
A. Genotype B. Genome
C. Gamete D. Gene

40.  A heterozygous individual which carries unexpressed recessive gene for a sex-linked character is known as:
A. Carrier B. Mutant
C. Variant D. None of these

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