CSS :: Culture and Society

1.  Sociology is the study of
A. Science B. Society
C. Politics

2.  Appearance of Ibn-e-Khaldum was in
A. 1332-1406 AD B. 1336-1409 AD
C. 1338-1422 AD

3.  In common parlance, a person is said to be cultured if he is
A. polished in manners B. Polite in speech
C. refined in tastes D. all three

4.  The classic definition of culture is given by anthropologist
A. Tylor Reads B. Adam Smith
C. Thomas Malthus

5.  One of the following is not the characterietics of the culture?
A. It preserves features of the past. B. It discards what is socially condemned.
C. It is found both in the animal and the human society. D. It is found only in human society.

6.  Cultural traits are formed on the basis of
A. needs of life B. needs of religion
C. needs of economic development D. needs of political advancement

7.  Cultural growth is
A. an occasional process B. a continuing process
C. not at all a process D. something very insignificant

8.  Dultural diffusion means
A. spread of cultural traits to other societies. B. merger of cultural traits.
C. separation of two cultures. D. differences between the two cultures.

9.  Cultural diffusion can start only from
A. centres of cultures anywhere B. anywhere
C. culturally neglected areas D. culturally backward areas

10.  Material culture is always the product of
A. ideas B. knowledge
C. skill of mankind D. non-material culture
E. all of these    

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