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1.  A' horizon of the soils also designated as:
A. Eluviated horizon B. Illuviated horizon
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

2.  A' value is given by:
A. Marshall B. Stevenson
C. Fred and Dean D. Larsen

3.  Crop logging' is a method of:
A. Soil fertility evaluation B. Plant analysis for assessing requirement of nutrients for crop production
C. Assessing crop damage D. Testing sitability of fertilizers

4.  Hue' is the term, which is used for the determination of:
A. Relative thickness or whiteness B. Purity of the colour
C. Dominant spectral or rainbow D. All of the above

5.  "Hidden hunger" means:
A. Deficiency symptoms are seen when the nutrient is deficient B. Severe yield reduction may occur without appearance of deficiency symptoms
C. The nutrient is not deficient but apparently seems to be deficient D. Visual deficiency symptoms are suppressed by other elements

6.  0.03 N, NH4 F + 0.025 N, NCl, is called:
A. Bray No. 1 extractant B. Olsen extractant
C. Bray No. 2 extractant D. None of these

7.  0.5 N, NaH CO3 (pH 8.5) is:
A. Bray No. 1 extractant B. Bray No.2 extractant
C. Olsen extractant D. None of these

8.  1.6 to 2.3 value of nutrient index indicates:
A. Average fertility of soil B. Adequate fertility of soil
C. Both of the above D. None of the above

9.  The neutralizing values of the following liming materials are such that:
A. CaO > Ca(OH)2 > CaCO > CaMg(CO3)2 B. CaO > Ca(OH)2 > CaMg(CO3)2 > CaCO3
C. Ca(OH)2 > CaO > CaMg(CO3)2 > CaCO3 D. CaCO3 > aO > Ca(OH)2 > CaMg(CO3)2

10.  95 to 99.5% portion of plant tissues are made up of:
A. N, P and K B. C, Hand O
C. Ca, Mg and C D. None of these

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