CSS :: Medical Jurisprudence

1.  Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine and Legal Medicine are considered
A. Different terms B. Synonymous terms
C. Strange terms D. None of above

2.  The branch of medicine which treats the application of the principle and knowledge of medicine to the purposes of law is called
A. Jurisprudence B. Medicine Jurisprudence
C. Medical Jurisprudence D. All of above

3.  Medical Jurisprudence proper, embraces all questions which effect the Civil or Social rights of individuals and injries to the person and bring the medical practitioner into contact with
A. Patient B. Hospitals
C. Court D. Law

4.  An Officer appointed by the Government to hold an inquiry of death suspected as unnatural and suspicious in his jurisdiction is called
A. Investigation Officer B. Coroner
C. Special Officer D. All of above

5.  Coroner Court is a Court of
A. Enquiry B. Trial
C. Investigation D. All of above

6.  In Pakistan Coroner Courts are in practice
A. Throughout the country B. Karachi and Lahore
C. Only at Islamabad D. None of above

7.  The accused has______ to produce witnesses, cross-examinery witnesses either himself or through his counsel before Coroner Court
A. Discretion B. Right
C. Duty D. None of above

8.  The examination of a dead body taken out of the grave for the suspicion of death because poisoning or any other foul play is called
A. Exhumation B. Medical examination
C. Post mortem D. All of above

9.  Autopsis are performed on exhumed bodies in
A. Civil Cases B. Criminal Cases
C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of above

10.  The exhumation should be carried out by the order of
A. Corner B. District Magistrate
C. Sub-Divisional Magistrate D. All of above

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