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181.  Mines and Fishes are subject to the law of:
A. Diminishing return B. Increasing return
C. Constant return D. None of the above

182.  Which of this statement are correct?
A. Agriculture economic may be taken as the branch of both of agriculture and economics B. Agriculture economic is more intimately related to economics then to agriculture
C. Agricultural economics is nothing but application of economic principles to agriculture D. All of these

183.  When we study a problem from particular to general, the method is known as?
A. Deductive method B. Inductive method
C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of the above

184.  Name the market in which permanent or durables commodities are traded:
A. Long period market B. Short period market
C. Secular market D. Bullion market

185.  Net capital ration is equal to:
A. Total assets/Total liabilities B. Total liabilities/Total assets
C. Total assets/Current liabilities D. None of the above

186.  Net return per hectare is:
A. Overall efficiency measure B. Partial efficiency measure
C. Specific efficiency measure D. None of the above

187.  When variable cost is zero, the total cost will be?
A. Equal to variable cost B. Equal to fixed cost
C. Equal to average variable cost D. None of the above

188.  Opportunity cost is:
A. Cost of supplementary enterprise B. Cost of next best alternative foregone
C. Cost of cultivation D. Cost of production

189.  Optimizing the use of farm resources on an individual farm level. It is a:
A. Farm management B. Production economics
C. Agricultural marketing D. Macro economics

190.  Who has contributed the modern theory of interest?
A. Knut Wicksell B. Gunnar Myrdal
C. J.R. Hicks D. R.G.Hawtrey

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