CSS :: Vision and Hearing Physiology

51.  Which of these structures of ear are associated with kinetic equilibrium:
A. Macula utriculi B. Crista ampullaris
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

52.  Pressure of vibrations received by membrane of fenestra ovalis are received by perilymph present in:
A. Scala Vestibuli B. Organ of Corti
C. Helicotremma D. None of these

53.  Impulses of gravitational disturbances are responded by:
A. Macula utriculi B. Scala tympani
C. Organ of Corti D. None of these

54.  Stato acaustic impulses are transmitted to brain by which of these nerves:
A. V cranial nerve B. VII cranial nerve
C. VIII cranial nerve D. All of these cranial nerves plus autonomic nerves

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