CSS :: Organic Evolution

1.  Which of the following is the meaning of organic evolution?
A. Omnis Vivo-Ex-Vivo B. Contagium Vivum Fluidum
C. Descent with Modification D. None of these

2.  Who stated Man originated first as fish?
A. Anaximander B. Lamarck
C. Osborn D. All of these

3.  According to Osborn who is Father of concept of Evolution?
A. Lamarck B. Aristotle
C. Empedocles D. Cuvier

4.  Who recognized organic Evolution as Ladder like graduation?
A. Lamarck B. Empedocles
C. Aristotle D. Darwin

5.  Possibilities of evolutionary changes are maximum in the organisms that reproduce by:
A. Spores B. Binary Fission
C. Budding D. Sexual reproduction

6.  Taxonomy is science of study related to:
A. External feature of animals B. Functional anatomy
C. Classification of animals and plants D. None of these

7.  The statement that evolution of living organism follows the changes in environment is:
C. Rarely true D. No idea

8.  Archaeopteryx is a connecting link between:
A. Amphibians and reptiles B. Reptiles and birds
C. Birds and mammals D. Amphibians and birds

9.  The homologous organs are the organs:
A. Having similar origin B. Having similar function
C. Having more use D. None of these

10.  Wings of insects and bat are example of:
A. Homologous organs B. Analogous organs
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

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