CSS :: Hormones in our body

1.  Hormones in our body are the substances which are:
A. Secreted in restricted areas and influence the activities of various parts of body B. Secreted in various parts of body but have activity in limited area
C. Secreted only in the animals but not in plants D. None of these

2.  The name hormone was first suggested by:
A. Straling B. Addison
C. Banting D. Banting and Best

3.  Which is true for hormones:
A. They are never present in our food and always synthesized in body B. They are always taken with food and never synthesized in body
C. They have high molecular weight and cannot diffuse through cell membranes D. None of these

4.  Which of these properties are not present in hormones:
A. They can easily diffuse through membranes B. They are specific in their action
C. They are never stored in body and synthesized at once D. They have a high molecular weight and not found in plants

5.  Chemically hormones are:
A. Carbohydrates B. Proteins
C. Steroids D. Both proteins and steroids

6.  Which of these functions hormones perform in our body:
A. Regulation of cellular activities and influencing growth B. Regulation of intermediary metabolism
C. Maintenance of homoeostasis D. All of these

7.  Which of these is an organ of mixed nature secreting both juice and hormones:
A. Kidney B. Liver
C. Pancreas D. Spleen

8.  Hormones differ from enzymes in the respect that they:
A. Are found only in animals B. Are found only in plants
C. Are used completely in matabolism D. Are not used up in metabolism

9.  Endocrine glands are those, which secrete their fluiids:
A. Into definite ducts B. Directly into blood
C. Into blood or ducts D. Only when they rupture

10.  Endocrine glands are characterized by presence of:
A. Well developed ducts B. Of no ducts to carry secretions
C. Poor blood supply D. Poor nerve supply

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