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41.  There were people of different races in the meeting.
A. there were B. people
C. of different races D. in the meeting

42.  I have many new furnitures in my house.
A. I have B. many new
C. furnitures D. in my house

43.  What kind of a job are you doing there?
A. what B. kind of a
C. are you doing D. there

44.  People should mind your own business.
A. People should B. mind
C. your D. business

45.  The bdbay had made up her mind.
A. the baby B. had made
C. her D. mind

46.  The students as well as the teacher is busy.
A. the students B. as well as
C. the teacher D. is

47.  Textiles industries are industries because these supply basic human needs.
A. textiles industries B. industries
C. supply D. human needs.

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