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1.  The potato was the staple of Ireland and when the corp failed there was mass starvations.
A. The potato B. The staple
C. The corp D. Mass starvations

2.  Shark can run faster than any other fish because they have no bones.
A. Shark B. Other
C. Fish D. have no bones

3.  The sugars that is refined from sugar-cane and sugar-beet tastes almost the same
A. The sugars B. Sugar-cane
C. Sugar beet D. the same

4.  Testiles industries are as widespread as food industries because both supply basic human needs.
A. textiles industries B. industries
C. supply basic D. human needs

5.  Many animal species are totally colors blind.
A. many B. animal species
C. are totally D. colors blind

6.  Our skulls is made up of eight cardinal and fourteen facial bones.
A. our shulls B. eight cardinal
C. fourteen D. facial bones

7.  Diamonds which is about 40 times as hard as talc made up of pure carbon.
A. diamonds B. 40 times
C. talc D. pure carbon

8.  About two percent of the world's water supply is ices.
A. two percent B. world's
C. supply basic D. ices

9.  Brain waves patterns vary among different people and in different activities.
A. brain waves patterns B. vary among
C. different people D. different activities

10.  Eohippus the ancestor of today's horse first appeared 54 millions years ago.
A. the ancestor B. today's horse
C. 54 millions D. years ago

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