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31.  The committee announced his decision.
A. The committee B. announced
C. his D. decision

32.  The Jury were divided in his opinion.
A. the Jury were B. divided in
C. his D. opinion

33.  China is out neighboring country. He is a developed country.
A. China is B. neighboring country
C. he D. developed country

34.  He acted upon my good advices.
A. he acted B. upon
C. my good D. advices

35.  A horse is a faithful animal.
A. a horse B. is a
C. faithful D. animal

36.  The majority of people prefer T.V. to radio.
A. the majority of B. people
C. prefer D. T.V. to radio

37.  If you open the door airs will circulate better.
A. if you open B. the door
C. airs D. will circulate

38.  The teacher as well as the students are busy.
A. the teacher B. as well as
C. the students D. are busy

39.  Neither the teacher nor the students is busy.
A. neither B. the teacher
C. nor D. the students is

40.  Time and tide wait for none.
A. time and tide B. wait
C. for D. none

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