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1.  Allama Iqbal was born in the year _____ November A.D.
A. 1876 B. 1877
C. 1878 D. 1879

2.  Allama Iqbal died in _______ A.D.
A. 1938 B. 1939
C. 1940 D. 1941

3.  Dr. Iqbal went to England in:
A. 1905 B. 1906
C. 1907 D. 1908

4.  Allama Iqbal was tutored by:
A. Nawab Mirza Dagh B. Maulvi Syed Mir Hassan
C. Allama Shibbaly Numani D. Maulana Hasarat Mohani

5.  Dr. Iqbal wrote:
A. Maz-Maz B. Farkalit
C. Payam-e-Mashrik D. Bang-e-Israfil

6.  Dr. Iqbal rejected:
A. Western Ideal of Nationalism B. American Presidential System of Govt.
C. Parliamentary System of Govt. D. Nation Socialism

7.  "Ilmul-Iqtisad was written by:
A. Al-Ghazali B. Al-Mawardi
C. Allama Iqbal D. None of these

8.  "Reconstruction of Religious thought in Islam" was written by:
A. Rosenthal B. Mawardi
C. Rousseau D. None of these

9.  Allama Iqbal did his M.A. In Philosophy from Govt. College Lahore in:
A. 1891 B. 1894
C. 1899 D. None of these

10.  According to Allama Iqbal in which form of Government heads are counted:
A. Oligarchy B. Democracy
C. Polity D. None of these

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