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1.  A twist drill is specified by
A. The size of hole it can drill B. A number specifying hole size
C. A letter of alphabet D. Any of the above
E. None of above    

2.  Angle plate is
A. Used for holding angular jobs in milling machine. B. Used for cutting angles on jobs on shaper
C. Cast iron jig used to hold work in a vertical position of layout or machining D. Used for measurement of angles

3.  Buffing is
A. A process of electroplating B. Covering a metal part with soft materials to prevent damage
C. An finishing operation in broaching D. The process of bringing out the luster of metal
E. An etching process    

4.  Burr is
A. Unmachined portion of work piece B. Boundary between finished and unifinished portion on a work piece
C. A marking or work piece to identify for correct position on a work piece D. Burnt surface of a casting
E. Sharp edge remaining on the metal after curring, stamping or machining    

5.  Necking is
A. Machining a groove around cylindrical shaft B. Drilling a hole in a plate
C. Hole drilled for riveting D. Preparation of surface for brazing
E. Initial spot welding to position jobs    

6.  Quill is
A. A tool used in milling machine to cut T-slots B. A holding device used on planers
C. Curring a blind key way on an object D. A steel tube in the head of some machine tools that encloses the bearings and rotating spindle on which are mounted the cutting tools
E. None of above    

7.  A shim is
A. A treatment given to a surface to prevent rusting B. A dull corner on a shaft
C. A thin piece of sheet metal used between mating parts to provide the proper distance D. A surface on which bearings are fitted
E. A kind of shrink fit    

8.  Spot facing is
A. Localised machining of a component B. Machining of a spot to fit other parts
C. Mahining of spol on the surface of a part to furnish a flat bearing or the head of a holt or nut D. A spot prepared on shaper or milling machine
E. None of above    

9.  Ezy out is
A. A taper reamer B. A drill having two diameters
C. A tool for making round objects D. A tool for removing broken bolts and studs from a hole
E. An instrument for measurement of out of roundness of objects    

10.  A flycutter is used on
A. Lathe B. Shaper
C. Milling machine D. Slotter
E. Planer    

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