CSS :: Continents Oceans and Countries

1.  Grenada is situated in the
A. Pacific Ocean B. Indian Ocean
C. Caribbean Sea D. Mediterranean Sea

2.  The North Atlantic Sea route is regarded as an important internationsl trade route because
A. It is the oldest sea route B. It connects two industrially developed parts of the world
C. Trade winds will help the shipping D. There are lesser numer of sea storms in this waterway

3.  The South Alps ranges are found in
A. North America B. Canada
C. South Africa D. Australia

4.  Paris is situated on the banks of the river
A. Rhine B. Seine
C. Thames D. Saint Lawrence

5.  Which among the following is the beggest island in the world?
A. Borneo B. Madagascar
C. Greenland D. Sir Lanka

6.  Zurich is a city in
A. Canada B. Switzerland
C. U.S.A. D. None of these

7.  Fiji is a country in the
A. South Pacific B. East Pacific
C. North Pacific D. West Pacific

8.  The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through!
A. Egypt B. Mexico
C. Iran D. India

9.  The largest producer of manganese in the world is
A. China B. India
C. U.S.S.R. D. U.S.A.

10.  The top ranking country in the production of rubber is
A. India B. Brazil
C. Malaysia D. Sri Lanka

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