CSS :: Sexual Reproduction Physiology

1.  Process of sexual reproduction in animals involves:
A. Gametogenesis B. Copulation
C. Fertiliation D. All of these

2.  Who discovered sperms for the first time:
A. Leeuwenhock B. Von Baer
C. Hanson D. None of these

3.  Ova were first identified by:
A. Leeuwenhock B. Hanson
C. Von Baer D. None of these

4.  Gametogenesis has which of these:
A. Proliferation B. Growth
C. Maturation D. All these sequentially

5.  Sperms are derived from mother cells called:
A. Germinal cells B. Primary spermatogonia
C. Secondary spermatogonia D. None of these

6.  During spermatogenesis how many spermatids are formed from one primary spermatocytes:
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Four

7.  Which of these cell divisions occur during formation of primary spermatocytes from primary spermatogonium:
A. Amitosis B. Mitosis
C. Meiosis D. None of these

8.  How many ootids are formed from one primary oogonium during oogenesis:
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Four

9.  Which of these is haploid structure:
A. Primary spermatogonium B. Primary spermatocyte
C. Secondary spermatocyte D. None of these

10.  Copulation in frogs is called:
A. Amplexus B. Coitus
C. Intercourse D. None of these

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