CSS :: Respiratory System Physiology

1.  Respiration means:
A. Intake of oxygen only B. Use of oxygen in oxidation of assimilated food resulting in liberation of energy and CO2
C. Removal of carbon dioxide only D. All of these

2.  External respiration usually called breathing involves:
A. Intake of oxygen only B. Removal of CO2 only
C. Both of these processes D. None of these processes

3.  How many times we breathe per minute:
A. 5 time B. 10 times
C. 12 time D. 72 times

4.  We inhale about which of these amounts of air in one breathe:
A. 200ml B. 300ml
C. 400ml D. 500ml

5.  Because being trapped in 'dead space' which of these amounts of inhaled air does not reach alveoli of our lungs:
A. 150ml B. 250ml
C. 350ml D. None of these

6.  The amount of air of respiratory importance reaching into alveoli is:
A. 1000ml B. 1500ml
C. 3200ml D. 4200ml

7.  Air we inhale has which of the following substances in it:
A. 20.84% of oxygen B. 0.04% of CO2
C. 0.5% of water vapour D. All of these

8.  After each expiration the alveoli of lungs contain which of these amounts of air:
A. 1300ml B. 2300ml
C. 3300ml D. 300ml

9.  Our normal O2 intake per minute amounts to:
A. 200ml B. 250ml
C. 300ml D. 350ml

10.  We loose which of these amounts of CO2 per minute:
A. 120ml B. 220ml
C. 330ml D. 440ml

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