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1.  Receptors are the organs that:
A. Carry impulses from environment to brain B. Carry impulses from brain to effectors organs
C. Control the environmental conditions of the animal D. Carry none of the above functions

2.  Taste organs located in the tongue are example of:
A. Exteroreceptors B. Interorceptors
C. Teloreceptors D. Phonoreceptors

3.  A feeling of pain in our stomach would be due to:
A. Interpreceptors B. Exteroreceptors
C. Proprioreceptors D. Teloreceptors

4.  Feeling of earthquake by us involves which of the following sensory organs:
A. Eye B. Skin
C. Ears D. Proprioreceptors

5.  Cohlea of our ear and retina of our eye are examples of:
A. Neuroepithelial receptors B. Epithelial receptors
C. Neuronal receptors D. None of these

6.  Axons of cytons of neuroeptithelial receptors:
A. Extend to central nervous system B. Extend to peripheral surface of the body
C. Extend outside the central nervous system D. Extend somewhere else

7.  Cytons of epithelial receptors are located:
A. Inside the central nervous system B. Outside the central nervous system and vary far
C. Close but outside the central nervous system D. Somewhere else

8.  Neuronal receptors are made up of:
A. Unipolar neurons B. Bipolar neurons
C. Pseudopolar neurons D. None of these

9.  Algesioreceptors are concerned with receiving:
A. Stimuli of pain B. Stimuli of pressure
C. Stimuli of chemical changes D. Stimuli of movements

10.  Simultaneous contraction of skeletal muscles during our movements is ensured by:
A. Interoreceptors B. Proprioreceptors
C. Exteroreceptors D. None of these

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