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1.  Jean Baptist de Lamarck - a French Naturalist, besides giving his famous theory of organic, Evolution, also coined the word:
A. Biology B. Invertebrates
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

2.  The ultimate source of organic variations is:
A. Sexual reproduction B. Hormonal action
C. Natural Selection D. Mutation

3.  Lamarck's theory of organic evolution was published in the book entitled:
A. Systima Naturee B. Philosophic Zoologique
C. Origin of species D. None of these

4.  Lamarck's "Theory of Organic Evolution" is based upon:
A. Effect of environment B. Use and disuse of body parts
C. Inheritance of acquired characters D. All of these

5.  "The animals of colder countries have small ears, short tail and limbs to avoid more loss of heat" is the theme of:
A. Allen's law B. Dollo's law
C. Gause's law D. Cope's Law

6.  Which of the following facts make Lamarckism doubtful:
A. Neck of giraffe elongated for grazing from high trees B. Trees of high altitudes have sloppy branches to avoid deposition of snow
C. Deer is fast runner for protection from predators D. Indian ladies have been getting their ears pierced since ages but pierced ears are not inherited

7.  Best suited examples given in favour of Lamarckian Theory are:
A. Elongation of neck and fore limbs of African giraffe B. Loss of limbs in snakes
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

8.  Neck and fore limbs in African giraffe increased in length as a result of:
A. Variation in these organs B. Mutations in these organs
C. Use and disuse D. None of these

9.  Which of the following facts definitely casts doubt on Lamarckian theory:
A. Snakes lost their limbs due to burrowing mode of life B. Neck and fore limbs of African giraffe use for generations
C. Vestigial organs were functional ones but now undergone degeneration due to loss of their function D. Blacksmith's son does not have powerful arm muscles as his father

10.  Which of the following concepts is attributed to Lamarck:
A. Struggle for existence B. Survival of the fittest
C. Inheritance of acquired characters D. Cells come from pre-existing cells

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