CSS :: Human Genetics and Eugenics

1.  The fact that law of biology and genetics can also be applicable to human beings was brought to light by:
A. Garrod B. Galton
C. Muller D. Weinberg

2.  Who for the first time successfully interpreted alkaptonuria and phenylkeotnuia in man:
A. Garrod B. Weinberg
C. Muller D. None of these

3.  Who recommended pedigree analysis and twin study for determining human genetic traits:
A. Sir Francis Galton B. Weinberg
C. Hardy D. Muller

4.  Terms proband, proposita and sibiling are used:
A. Male B. Female
C. Children D. All of these

5.  In pedigree analysis of which family 50 men were found to be excellent musicians out of 99 men among the descendents:
A. Bach family B. Zero family
C. Juke of America D. None of these

6.  Identical twins are those which are formed by:
A. Complete separation of two blastomeres formed by 1st cleavage B. Simultaneous fertilization of two ova with two sperms
C. Incomplete separation of two blastomeres formed by 1st cleavage D. None of these ways

7.  Identical twins are born when:
A. Egg cell fails to divide B. Two egg cells are fertilized
C. Fertilized egg after 1st cleavage divides into two separate blastomeres D. Egg cell undergoes incomplete division

8.  Twins formed by simultaneous fertilization of two different ova by two separate sperms are called:
A. Identical twins B. Fraternal twins
C. Siameses twins D. None of these

9.  Dizygotic twins are:
A. Identical B. Fraternal
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

10.  Fraternal twins are produced when:
A. two sperms fertilize an ovum and the blastomeres after 1st cleavage separation completely B. Two ova are fertilized simulataneously by two different sperms
C. One sperm fertilizes an ovum and two blastomeres of 1st cleavages separate completely D. None of these things happen

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