Entry Test MCQ :: Circular Motion

11.  The circumference subtends an angle
A. ? radianradian B. 2? radian
C. ?/2 radian D. 4? radian

12.  The relation between linear and angular acceleration is
A. a = a x r B. a = r x a
C. a = a x r D. r = a x a

13.  When a body is whirled in a horizontal circle by means of a string the centripetal force is supplied by
A. mass of a body B. velocity of body
C. tension in the string D. centripetal acceleration

14.  Centripetal force performs
A. maximum work B. minimum work
C. negative work D. no work

15.  When a body moves in a circle of radius r with linear speed V its centripetal force is
A. mV/r2 B. mV/r
C. mV2/r D. mV2/r2

16.  A stone is whirled in a vertical circle at the end of a string. When the stone is at the highest position the tension in the string is
A. maximum B. zero
C. equal to the weight of the stone D. less than the weight of the stone

17.  The span of broad jump depends upon
A. mass of the jumper B. height of jump
C. angle of projection D. none

18.  In case of planets the necessary acceleration is provided by
A. Gravitational force B. frictional force
C. coulomb force D. centripetal force

19.  If a car moves with a uniform speed of 2 ms-1 in a circle of radius 0.4. Its angular speed is
A. 4 rad. S-1 B. 5 rad. S-1
C. 1.6 rad. S-1 D. 2.8 ms-1

20.  A body can have consutant velocity when it follows a
A. elliptical path B. circular path
C. parabolic path D. rectilinear path

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