Entry Test MCQ :: Circular Motion

1.  The rotational K.E of hoop is equal to the
A. its translational K.E B. half than its translational K.E
C. double than its translational K.E D. four times than its translational K.E

2.  A hoop and disc have same mass and radius. Their rotational K.E are related by an equation
A. K.Ehoop = K.Edisc B. K.Ehoop = 2K.Edisc
C. K.Ehoop = 1/2K.Edisc D. K.Ehoop = 4K.Edisc

3.  The critical speed of an artificial satellite is
A. 8 Kms-1 B. 8.1 Kms-1
C. 7.9 Kms-1 D. 8 ms-1

4.  Geo-stationary satellite completes one rotation around earth in
A. 3 hours B. 6 hours
C. 12 hours D. 24 hours

5.  Radius of geo-stationary orbit from center of earth is nearly
A. 42000km B. 36000km
C. 24000 km D. 18000 km

6.  According to Einstein the gravity interaction is possible between
A. material objects only B. material objects and electromagnetic radiation only
C. electromagnetic radiations D. none of the above

7.  One radian is equal to
A. 67.3? B. 57.3?
C. 87.3? D. 60?

8.  The period of a circular motion is given by
A. T = rV B. T = ?w
C. T = 2?? D. T = 2?/?

9.  The direction of linear velocity of body moving in a circle is
A. along the axis of rotation B. along the tangent
C. directed towards the center D. directed away form the center

10.  When a body moves in a circle, the angle between its linear velocity and angular velocity is always
A. 180? B. 0?
C. 90? D. 45?

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