CSS :: Pakistan Panel Code 1860

1.  Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 was enacted on ________
A. 16th September, 1860 B. 6th October, 1860
C. 17th October, 1860

2.  Pakistan Penal Code has ______ sections
A. 511 sections B. 505 sections
C. 510 sections

3.  Pakistan Penal Code is _______
A. Customary law B. Procedural law
C. Penal law

4.  Pakistan Penal Code is applicable to
A. Throughout Pakistan B. Whole Pakistan including Kashmir
C. To specific areas of Pakistan

5.  A foreigner commits an offence within Pakistan he can
A. Be tried in Pakistan B. Not be tried in Pakistan
C. Be punished under Pakistan Penal Code and can be tried in Pakistan

6.  A Pakistani subject commits murder in Uganda he can
A. Not be convicted in Pakistan B. Be convicted in Pakistan at Islamabad
C. Be tried and convicted for murder in any place in Pakistan wherever he may be found

7.  The term "Mens rea" means
A. Constructive intention B. Actual intention
C. Common intention

8.  According to P.P.C. "Person" includes any
A. Company or association B. Body of persons
C. Both (a) and (b)

9.  The term "Gender" include
A. Male B. Female
C. Both male and female

10.  According to P.P.C. "Public" includes any class of
A. People B. Community
C. Both (a) and (b)

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