CSS :: Constitution Of Pakistan 1962

21.  As per Constitution of 1962 retiring age of High Court Judge was
A. Sixty years B. Sixty two years
C. Sixty five years

22.  As per Constitution of 1962, ______ were held National Languages
A. Urdu B. Bengali
C. Both (a) and (b)

23.  According to Constitution of 1962, _____ was given to provinces
A. Provincial autonomy B. Independence
C. Self control

24.  Constitution of 1962 declared _____ as Capital of the country
A. Karachi B. Lahore
C. Islamabad

25.  Article 29 of the Constitution of 1962 empowered President in absence of National Assembly to promulgate an ______ with the same powers and force as an Act of the Legislature
A. Ordinance B. Instrument
C. Bill

26.  By Article 226 of the Constitution of 1962 Field Marshal Ayub Khan was become the First ______ of Pakistan
A. Chief Executive B. Martial Law Administrator
C. President

27.  Constitution of 1962 was replaced by
A. Provisional Constitution Order of 1969 B. Legal Frame Work Order of 1971
C. Constitution of 1973

28.  Constitution of 1962, was abrogated on
A. March, 1969 B. June, 1970
C. July 1970 of 1962

29.  Constitution of 1962 remained for
A. Six years B. Seven years
C. Eight years

30.  The Constitution of 1962 is also famous as
A. One man show B. Sign of dictatorship
C. Absolute Constitution

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