CSS :: Constitution Of Pakistan 1962

11.  The Constitution of 1962, provided Federation consisting centre and ______ provinces
A. 2 B. 3
C. 1

12.  Total strength of Members of National Assembly according to Constitution of 1962, was
A. 156 members B. 218 members
C. 318 members

13.  According to Constitution of 1962, Provincial Assemblies were consisting ______ members
A. 200 B. 218
C. 220

14.  In initial name of the Country in 1962 Constitution was held
A. Republic of Pakistan B. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
C. Islamic Democratic Pakistan

15.  Through an amendment in ______ 1962, name of the State was declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan instead of Republic of Pakistan
A. December B. October
C. August

16.  According to Constitution of 1962 ______ was the Chief Executive of the Country
A. President B. Prime-Minister

17.  Term and Tenure of President Office in Constitution of 1962, was
A. 4 years B. 5 years
C. 6 years

18.  According to Constitution of 1962, ______ was the highest Court of the country
A. Supreme Court B. Federal Court
C. Federal Shariat Court

19.  Constitution of 1962, provided ______ Legislature
A. Uni Cameral B. Bi Cameral
C. Tri-Cameral

20.  As per Constitution of 1962 age limit for Judge of Supreme Court was
A. Sixty years B. Sixty two years
C. Sixty five years

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