Entry Test MCQ :: Prepositions

11.  The hormone insulin controls by the amount of sugar in the blood.
A. controls B. by
C. of D. in

12.  Frogs get much of their oxygen by means blood capillaries.
A. get B. of
C. by D. means

13.  We can find the weight of anything that floats for weighing the water that it displaces.
A. find B. of
C. floats D. for

14.  Metals such as copper silver iron and aluminum are good conductors for electricity.
A. such as copper B. silver iron and aluminum
C. are good conductors D. for electricity

15.  Rhymes have been traced back to a collection that appeared in England on 1760.
A. traced back B. to
C. in D. on 1760

16.  Distinguish among butterflies and moths.
A. Distinguish B. among
C. butterflies D. and moths

17.  None of the states but for Hawaii is an island.
A. None of the states B. but for
C. Hawaii is D. an island

18.  Beside copper, fold, silver, lead, zinc, iron and uranium are mined in Utah.
A. Beside B. and
C. mined D. in Utah

19.  I have no interest and liking for her.
A. have B. no interest
C. liking D. for her

20.  Jet engines are used instead piston engines for almost all but the smallest aircraft.
A. Jet engines B. instead piston
C. engines for almost D. all but the smallest aircraft

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