Entry Test MCQ :: Prepositions

1.  The rocky island of Alcatraz was named by its large pelican colony.
A. the rocky B. of
C. named by D. its

2.  Bacteria are responsible of many of the texture and flavors in our food.
A. Bacteria B. responsible of
C. many of the texture D. in our food

3.  Art Nouveau was based of long curving lines inspired by climbing plants.
A. based B. curving
C. inspired by D. climbing

4.  Brain is made up of billions of neurons that differ with one another.
A. made up of B. billions of
C. differ with D. one another

5.  Wood the hardened material from which trees are composed is made up of fibers.
A. the hardened B. from which
C. composed D. made up of

6.  Animals live in the areas that are covered in snow in winter.
A. live in B. that
C. covered in D. in winter

7.  The need for vitamins of our diet was discovered by a Dutch doctor.
A. for B. of
C. discovered D. by

8.  Many of the satellites of space carry telescopes and other instruments.
A. of B. of
C. carry D. instruments

9.  Your house is connected with the main cable TV network.
A. Your B. connected
C. with D. main

10.  Henry stressed the importance in individuality.
A. stressed B. the importance
C. in D. individuality

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