Entry Test MCQ :: Usage Topic Complementry Tests

1.  The amount of people who have registered for this course is very high.
A. amount B. registered
C. for D. is

2.  I thought that the books were their's but I see now that I was mistaken.
A. were B. their's
C. but I D. that I

3.  You drunk too much liquor before you drove home last night.
A. drunk B. too much
C. before D. drove

4.  The most exciting part of the novel was when Mathilda rejected Count Vladimir.
A. exciting B. part
C. was when D. rejected

5.  You didn't leave none for the other workers.
A. didn't leave B. none
C. for the D. other workers

6.  You are liable to be selected to be the next chairperson of the department.
A. liable B. to be selected
C. chairperson D. department

7.  With little work to occupy them the soldiers suffered from low moral.
A. little B. occupy them
C. suffered from D. low moral

8.  For he to be re-elected, it is not essential that his policies work.
A. he B. re-elected
C. that D. work

9.  All social restraints on their behaviour has been removed.
A. all B. restraints
C. their D. has

10.  The meeting went well, so I believe I have a reasonable good chance of success.
A. well B. so I
C. reasonable D. of success

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