Entry Test MCQ :: Chromosome and DNA

11.  DNA has a helical shape with the diameter of
A. 3 nm B. 4 nm
C. 2 nm D. 5 nm

12.  In semi-conservative replication
A. Sequence of original duplex is conserved after one round of replication B. Gererate DNA copies of entirely new molecules
C. Parental DNA become completely dispersed D. Each strand of daughter molecules will be a mixture of old and new

13.  The true E.Coli replicating enzyme is
A. DNA polymerase I B. DNA polymerase II
C. DNA polymerase III D. All of these

14.  Rate of DNA replication by DNA polymerase is
A. 2000 nucleotides / sec B. 1000 nucleotides / sec
C. 150 nucleotides / sec D. 1050 nucleotides / sec

15.  Repliication always proceeds in a direction
A. 3' ? 5' B. 5' ? 3'
C. Both directions D. None of these

16.  Which statement is correct?
A. Leading strand elongates away from the replication fork B. Lagging strand elongates towards the replication fork
C. Lagging strand is constructed discontinuously. D. Both a and b

17.  The length of okazaki fragments in eukayotes is
A. 150--250 nucleotides long B. 200-300 nucleotides
C. 1000-2000 nucleotdes D. 100-200 nucleotides

18.  In alkaptonuria
A. Patient's urine contains homogenetisic acid B. Urine becomes black
C. Both a and b D. Urine contains phenylalanine.

19.  The sequence of nucleotides that determines the amino acid sequence of a protein is
A. Chromosome B. DNA
C. RNA D. Gene

20.  Central dogma is
A. Transfer of information from DNA to mRNA B. Basic mechanism of reading and expressing genes
C. Transfer of information from RNA to proteins D. Synthesis of all three types of RNA

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