Entry Test MCQ :: Chromosome and DNA

1.  Which is incorrect?
A. Chromosomes 1st observed by walther Fleming B. Chromosomal theory of inheritance 1st formulated by Walter Sutton
C. 1st evidence of hereditary nature of DNA provided by Friedrich Meischer D. Sex chromosomes discovered by Thomas Hunt Morgan

2.  Chromosome is made of
A. 2 chromatids +1 centromere +secondary constriction B. 1 chromated + 1 centromere + primary constriction
C. 2 chromatids + 1 centromere + primary constriction D. 2 chromatids + 2 centromere + secondary constriction

3.  Chromosomes are composed of
A. 40% protein and 60% DNA B. 50% protein and 50% DNA
C. 70% protein and 30% DNA D. 60% protein and 40% DNA

4.  A typical human chromosome contains _________ nucleotides in its DNA
A. 240 million B. 140 million
C. 150 million D. 160 million

5.  Histones have abundance of amino acids
A. Valine and lysine B. Arginine and lysine
C. Valine and arginine D. Histidione and threonine

6.  A tortion of chromatin that is condensed only during cell division is
A. Euchromatin B. Heterochromatin
C. Biochromatin D. Nucleochromatin

7.  Transfer of genetic material from one cell to another that can alter the genetic makeup of recipient cell is called
A. Mutation B. Transuction
C. Replication D. Variation

8.  Who discovered DNA?
A. P.A.Levene B. Frederick Griffith
C. Friedrich Miescher D. Rosalind Franklin

9.  DNA contains
A. Purines (A and G) pyrimidines (U and (c) B. Purines (T and (c) pyrimidines (A and G)
C. Purines (A and (c) pyrimidines (U and G) D. Purines (A and G) pyrimidines (T and (c)

10.  In DNA
A. A forms two bonds with T B. G forms three bonds with C
C. A forms three bonds with T D. Both a and b

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