CSS :: Sexual Reproduction Physiology

21.  Which of these enzymes helps in fertilization in case of frogs:
A. Spermin B. Sperm lysine
C. Hyaluronidase D. None of these

22.  In rabbits during how much time the sperms reach the upper portion of fallopian tubes:
A. 1 hour of inseminization B. 2 hour of inseminization
C. 3 hour of inseminization D. 4 hour of inseminization

23.  Out of several sperms which one in frogs is able to fertilize the ovum:
A. One that is adhering the animal hemisphere B. One that is adhering opposite to animal hemisphere
C. One that is in between both of these hemispheres D. One that has longest life

24.  Which of these enzymes digest cells of corona radiata in rabbits:
A. Spermlysin B. Hyaluronidase
C. Amylase D. None of these

25.  Spermlysin in rabbits digests the cells of:
A. Corona radiata B. Zona radiata
C. Zone pellucida D. None of these

26.  How many polar bodies are formed during the maturation of oocyte in frog:
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Four

27.  Which of the sperm fertilizes the ovum in rabbits:
A. One that is ahead of all the sperms B. One that is longest of all
C. One that is without acrosome D. None of these

28.  Significance of meiosis during gametogenesis lies in the fact that it:
A. Keeps the number of chromosomes constant for each species B. Helps to form new genetical combinations
C. Is responsible for both of these D. Is respobsible for none of these

29.  Copulation in rabbits is termed:
A. Amplexus B. Coitus
C. Oviposition D. None of these

30.  How many primary oogonia will be required to form 100 over
A. 100 B. 200
C. 400 D. None of these

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