CSS :: Sexual Reproduction Physiology

11.  Copulation in frogs occurs
A. April to June B. July to September
C. Noverber to January D. None of these months

12.  Copulation in frogs occurs:
A. From late night to end of dawn B. From evening to mid night
C. From dawn to mid day D. From mid day to evening

13.  About which of these number of oocytes are shed by a female frog in one copulation:
A. 250 B. 500
C. 750 D. 1000

14.  Eggs in frogs are enclosed in a jelly like mass which is called :
A. Spawn B. Follicles
C. Oviposition D. None of these

15.  The spawn of frogs always is seen on the surface of pond because:
A. Jelly is bouyant and keeps them on surface to provide them with proper heat and facilitate heat loss B. They should remain protected from enemies in water
C. They should flow dry places for development D. None of these reasons

16.  Copulation in rabbits occurs during:
A. February to May/June B. July to October/November
C. Both of these periods D. None of these periods

17.  Fertilization in frogs is:
A. Internal and takes place inside the female oviduct B. External and takes place on dry ground
C. External and takes place in water D. None of these types

18.  Fertilization in rabbits is:
A. External and takes place on ground B. Internal and takes place in vagina
C. Internal and takes place in uterus D. Internal and takes place in upper portion of fallopian tubes

19.  Semen in rabbit reaches from vagina to upper fallopian tube by:
A. Peristalisis caused by ejaculation of semen into vagina B. Suction pressure exerted by upper portions of fallopian tubes
C. Internal suction by body cavity wall D. None of these

20.  Release of oocyte from Graffian follicle in rabbit is done by:
A. Release of leutinizing hormone from pituitary B. Release of progrestrone from ovary
C. Release of both of these D. Release of none of these

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