CSS :: Nature Theories and State Function

1.  In the past stte used to perform:
A. Welfare functions B. Police functions
C. Optional functions D. Maximum functions for human development

2.  According to Karl Marx, state:
A. Protects the interests of the poor B. Gives maximum happiness to maximum number of people
C. Promotes exploitation of poor by the rich D. Promotes moral welfare of the people

3.  Most important responsibility of a welfare state is:
A. To preserve private property B. To promote religion of people
C. To check exploitation D. To check encroachments on fundamental rights

4.  In ancient India most important function of the state was:
A. To expand B. To give economic prosperity to the people
C. To prserve private property of citizens D. To promote dharma

5.  In a secular state the religion:
A. Of majority is promoted B. Of minority is protected
C. Of State is promoted D. Has nothing to do with politics

6.  According to monistic theory about the functions of the state:
A. Individual has nothing to do with state B. Individual and state must exist for each other
C. Individual should surrender very little to the state D. State should perform minimum functions

7.  Who believed that the state should protect and restrain and not foster and promote?
A. The Absolutists B. The socialists
C. The Fabian Socialists D. The Monistic

8.  Who believed that the state has the same organs as the individuals?
A. The Dualists B. The Socialists
C. The Organic Theory of State

9.  Who believes that individual independent in his own way dependent on others?
A. The Monistic B. The Dualists
C. The Socialists D. The Anarchists

10.  Who said that the state is individual magnified?
A. Plato B. G.B. Vico
C. Waltair D. Marx

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